U-Line Ice Maker Review and Buying Guide

U-Line Ice Maker Review and Buying Guide

U-Line is manufacturer of the worlds first undercounter ice maker since 1962. Their machine is known for clean lines and understated elegance. U-Line ice maker promising a variety of advantages, among others durability and good looks as well as exceptional ice production for use above deck and undercounter decks.

U-Line Ice Maker give you a continuous supply of good quality ice cubes and even store them frozen for you in the refrigerated bin. Unlike the ice maker in your refrigerator, it’s quicker and makes more & better ice cubes.

Most customers say U-Line is one of the best ice maker machine they have ever owned. It is super quiet, makes ice quickly and the installation is easy. U-Line Ice Maker also has an integrated freezer function.

U-Line History

The company is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a manufacturer of upscale undercounter refrigeration products, primarily intended for residential use. The owner owned business started in 1962. They were the first to bring stand-alone ice makers for residential use to market.

When ice maker became very popular with more affluent homeowners. It makes the U-Line company to develop other product lines like a refrigerator with a built-in ice –maker, portable ice makers and ice makers for boats. They were also the first company to develop refrigerator wine units for the home.

Now the U-Line Corporation manufactures several undercounter combinations of ice makers, refrigerators, freezers, and wine storage systems. The latest advancement features for U-Line Ice Maker is refrigerator drawers.

U-Line Ice Maker Features

  • Ice Production & Capacity
  • Stainless Steel – Inside and Out
  • Variable Speed – State-of-the-Art Compressor for Power Efficiency, and Quiet Operation
  • Filtered Water on Demand
  • Convection Cooling – Quick, Consistent Temperatures
  • Full-Depth Lower Interior – Industry Exclusive Design Allows You to Maximize Storage Space
  • U-Choose™ – Select from 5 levels of Ice Density
  • Adjustable LED Lighting – Choose Bright White, Bold Blue, or a Combination of Both

U-Line Ice Maker Products

U-Line Ice Maker offer the broadest collection of ice machines in the industry. Their several models including for indoor, outdoor, marine, and ADA height compliant applications.

With stainless steel and integrated finish options, U-line can be both used in built-in and freestanding applications. All products are available in 15”, 24”, and industry exclusive 18” widths for limitless design possibilities.

U-Line committed to working together with commercial ice experts to offer restaurant quality ice machines. U-Line ice machine provide the ideal balance of high ice production, quiet operation, and easy cleaning. They committed to providing the latest technology in the ice maker industry like the features of U-Choose™ ice adjustability.

U-Line ice makers includes 42 models that showcase exclusive features & industry leading innovations. Key highlights include an industry exclusive full-depth lower interior that maximizes storage options. All ice machine models include an industry leading variable speed compressor delivering maximum energy efficiency, faster temperature responses, and quieter operation.

U-Line provide unsurpassed performance with industry exclusive features such as the highest ice production of up to 90lbs of ice per day, select models with U-Choose™ ice adjustability, and premium models with interior water dispensers. They designed this collection in collaboration with Follett® LLC, the world leader in commercial nugget ice technology. Options include indoor, outdoor, and ADA height compliant models that can be built-in or freestanding to personalize your space.

The collection of U-Line Ice Machine Collection further solidifies U-Line as the leader in undercounter ice products.

To ensure the highest quality in the industry, every ice machine undergoes a minimum of overnight ice production and a 40+ point inspection. All U-Line Ice Machines are designed, engineered, and assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

U-Line Warranty

  • 1 Year (parts & labor) / 5 year sealed system (parts)
  • 2 Year (parts & labor) / 5 year sealed system (parts) upgrade at no cost with product registration


U-Line Ice Maker is totally worth the investment for a good ice production and silent operation. It also pleases you with lots of versatility features that make operation easier. The well-built construction is worth considering, as it will provide you with long lasting unit.

Now you can have all the ice machine features requirement, as U-Line comes with everything necessary to please your requirements.

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